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Lessons at Chodosh Guitar

We offer the highest quality guitar performance,
composition and music theory lessons
starting at just $30.00
while keeping it fun for our students! 

Students are sat down with their guitar and shown how to play the style they love right off the bat.  As well they are shown either the rudiments of music or the studies that they need to further advance their own ablilites. Standard songs, scales for soloing, chords for struming, theory and (in some cases) reading of music notation and advanced techniques are shown to them right then. 
They are given access to their own online workstation to help them practice and instuctions on how to practice their lesson at home.  We write out a plan to reach their personal goals on guitar before leaving the studio. 
Have you noticed all those happy faces?  Those are real Chodosh Guitar students delighted with their lessons!

We have instructed students who's ages range from 6 to over eighty. As well our students'  levels of experience have spanned from absolute beginners to professional players with years of performance under their belts.  Even music directors and professional guitar teachers have come to Chodosh Guitar to hone their skills and to improve their knowledge of music theory. 

We are located on the bottom floor of the Unity Spiritual Center
 in Olde Town Arvada:
7401 W. 59th Ave. Arvada, CO. 80003
Call / Text 303.424.5000

Lessons are held from 2:30 till 9:00 wednesdays through Friday, Saturdays from Noon on and Sundays (by requests)
starting at noon.

On-Site Lesson prices

All lessons include an on-line workstation.

30 minute Private
$30.00 each.

Private OnSite and OnLine Combo Lesson (includes group and video lessons, give us an hour):

$45.00 when prepaid for a month.  ($60.00 when not prepaid.)

Group Lessons:
No privates, just group song and technique studies.  Like the others this includes videos and an on-line workstation.
$20.00 each week when you prepay by the month. $25.00 for one.

Family Special for Group Students who want a bit more:
You pay for the Group Lessons by the month and for an additional $20.00 you get one private lesson each month.
In other words . . $19.95 for each  week of the month for group lessons plus a charge of $20.00 for one private session.  This way you're on a budget that allows for the student to have a private lesson each month while staying in an atmosphere of learning with the other group students.  It's a great value which is why we call it the Family Special.

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7401 W. 59th Ave. Arvada, CO 80003 
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