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Chodosh Guitar
OnLine Video Lessons

Chodosh Guitar maintains professional standards and an ethical dedication toward the students' education while keeping the lessons fun.

Okay, at least for now you like your lessons from a video and you like the price.  I get it.  That doesn't mean we have to skimp on quality.  Our lessons show you how to play a song or technique using tabs and chord/scale diagrams.  Your teacher will play the song for you and explain what he's doing as he goes over each note for you.  And, yes, we have both songs and technique studies for those who like either one, the other or both.

Blues, rock, country, jazz, whatever . . .  We've got videos and we're making plenty more so sign up.  It's only $19.95/month. Yup . . . per month!

Whether your goal is for personal enjoyment or to pursue a career as a professional musician, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve that dream.
Text or call to get started.

Chodosh Guitar

7401 W. 59th Ave. Arvada, CO 80003
We offer the highest quality guitar performance, composition
and music theory lessons available while keeping it fun for our students! 

All lessons include an on-line workstation.

On Line Video lessons come for only $19.95 / month. 

Once each week you can text your teacher to select your next video . You can also ask for advice or any further explanaitions about the video you are working with and we will get back to you.  It's what we want.  A happy student, whatever price being paid.

Sign up by calling or texting 303-424-5000.  We'll set up a workstating for you and text or email instructions for you. 
Let's get this going!

Please take a moment to fill in our "Info Request Form"  (below) We'll send you your first video for free! Make sure to fill in your info completely.
The free video is our way of saying, "Thanks for visiting Chodosh Guitar!"


CHODOSH GUITAR  303.424.5000 
7401 W. 59th Ave. Arvada, CO 80003 
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