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Punk To Have The Fate of Disco?

By Paul Gill

Paul Gill

With the raging success of the neo-punk pop styling bands like The Offspring and SR-71 it seems the punk music isn't dead, no unfortunately its just become pop music. The once brash uncut and sometimes offensive lyrical sound and unrefined guitar power of the early punk era brought to us by bands like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Police (yes they were punk too) seems to be long forgotten in today's trendy pop culture centered music scene. The time of the punk band seems to have bitten the dust.  Today few punk bands manage to secure record deals, and even fewer manage to be more than a local band.  Although a few bands have risen up like AFI, Rancid, and Anti-Flag these seem to be the exception and not the rule. Having grown up in England in the late 80s I can remember the end of the punk revolution, which came with the wafting smell of Teen Spirit in the air and the beginnings of the grunge era. Today's punk scene lacks the definition, which it had in the 70s and 80s.  There no longer is a diversity among the punk sound.  Instead, almost all of today's bands come out with the neo-punk pop style of music, and those who don't are fading into the shadows almost as fast as the raging guitar licks. What most people call punk nowadays is often pop.  Ask someone on the street to name a punk band and they'll say Blink-182 or another one of the current pop vogue bands. It disturbs me greatly to see such a great style and era of music finally come to its end, although its been dying since the early 90s.  I can now say for sure that punk as we once knew it is dead. Replaced by the pop culture's need for that happy-go-lucky sound that is provided in today's music scene, and with the record labels looking only to fill their wallets, it seems that even fewer true punk bands will emerge in the future, simply because there is no longer money in rebellion. Punk fans can only hope that a second punk revolution will come around, but unfortunately like Disco this doesn't seem likely.

This article was written by Paul Gill who is a student at Chodosh Guitar.
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