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(Michael teaching the rhythm to "Take It Easy")

Gift certificates are available. 
They make wonderful gifts for birthdays and holidays!


All lessons include your own web page workstation.

"On-Site Combo" at Chodosh Guitar in Arvada, CO.
$50.00 / $40.00 when prepaid by the month for weekly lessons.
Most students choose the weekly combo lessons. This is a private lesson which includes a group song session and a scale study in person and usually in videos viewed on the included online workstation.
Thats a private lesson and two group lessons for only $40.00. 
Plus you can attend all of the additional group lessons you like for no extra charge.

"On-Site Group lessons"

$25.00 each. 
$19.95 a week when you prepay for a month. Includes video assignment with online workstation.

"On-Site Family Special"
Prepay for a month of group lessons (see above) and you have the option of turning one of your weekly groups into a private and a group lesson for just an additional $20.00. 
That's a great opportunity!  Includes video assignments and online workstation.

"On-Site Strictly Private Lessons"

$70.00 for a private hour when available. Just you and your teacher.

"On-Line Private Lessons" using skype or FaceTime.
40 minutes $50.00 / $40.00 when prepaid by the month for weekly lessons.
60 minutes $70.00 / $60.00 when prepaid by the month for weekly lessons.

"On-Line Video lessons"
.  Video lessons on line of Michael Chodosh teaching from the very beginning studies to advanced songs and techniques.  He will show you how, explain it to you and then run you through the lesson step by step with tablature and diagrams to help.  They come with an online work station and weekly texts with your teacher to keep you on up to speed.  For now, only $19.95 / MONTH.  (Yup, per month.)

Craig Bennington winning his first "GuitarMageddon" contest.

"Band Management Lessons" 
Being in a band is not easy.  Learn how to have more effective practise sessions and work together at gigs and on the road.  Prices for Band Management are negotiable and usually based on the size of the band. Please call to inquire.

Chodosh Guitar Scholarship Program

Do you know a student who needs and deserves financial help?  Either let us know or have them or a guardian contact us to determine their elegibility for our Scholarship Program.

Gift Certificates

People love recieveing Chodosh Guitar lessons as gifts.
Gifted lessons are priced the same as regular lessons.  They include monthly discounts and are good for at least one year.

If you would like to contact us or would like a free video lesson just fill out the form below.  We'll send a link to your email with a great lesson attached!
It's our way of saying,
"Thanks for visiting Chodosh Guitar."

All discounts and sales are subject to the "good standing" of customers and can be revoked, refused or discontinued at any time to anyone without any notice as seen to be fit by Chodosh Guitar.


At Chodosh Guitar, we offer the highest quality guitar performance, composition and music theory lessons available. There are a variety of lessons available to students.

The 20/20 lesson

Most students study using the "20/20".  These lessons include a weekly private lesson which lasts a minimum of twenty minutes (or for the amount of  time the student says they have enouth to work on), a 20 minute small group style session (usually limited to 5 people) where students work on a new song, "lick" or performance technique and a 20 minute small group scale class where students “work their fingers out” following the instructor to build up "chops" or skill level. It's fun and creates musical skills!  Students who prepay for monthly and consecutive lessons can enjoy a discount and attend as many additional scale classes and style sessions as they like for no extra charge.

Payment  and refund policies: 

Chodosh Guitar 
Arvada and  Wheatridge, CO
(303) 424-5000

Group prepaid/discounted lessons and monthly prepaid/discounted lessons must be used in consecutive weeks during the month or the 31 day period in which they were scheduled to be used.  Missed or canceled lessons can not be converted into weekly "walk in" lessons but can be used later as "makeup" lessons as long as the student is still (or is again) prepaid by the month.  In other words, you can not take a makeup lesson by itself if it falls outside of a prepaid month.  You can take it in addition to a regular lesson any week if you are prepaid by the full month. So, if you prepay for a four week month and you missed a lesson sometime in the past, you may, that month, take 5 lessons in that four week period.  You can not use the make up lesson as a stand alone or deduct the cost of a lesson from a month. If you prepay for an additional month at any time, you may take any make up lessons you are due during that time.
You must pay for a full
month in order to get the discounted price and you must pay for a full month in order to attend any make up lessons. Make ups are to be used in addition to the regular schedule and must be scheduled by you. You just tell us to book a double or an extra day for that make up lesson. You may never deduct the cost of a make up lesson from the price of a month. When a student does not pay fully for a month of  lessons the price for each lesson during that entire month goes back up to the non-discounted price.  If a student purchases lessons and later wishes to convert those lessons to weekly lessons there will be conversion charges and additional group lesson charges applied, according to the circumstances.  No payments for any lessons are ever refundable, ever. Lessons not attended and left with no notice can be considered used and taken off the books as a make up lesson by Chodosh Guitar as we see fit.  You need to contact us in order to convert a lesson to a make up lesson.  In other words; call if you need to reschedule a lesson within the time period payed for. We will always try to accommodate your rescheduling but will not credit you financially for any missed lessons, ever. Proper and timely communication is always a consideration. We try very hard to be flexible for our students so please work with us.  We truly want to give you your lesson!

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments either by email or just call 
(303) 424-5000.

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