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These are original compositions which I've been recording onto the computer.  I'm still learning how to create music this way and so the sound quality may be very questionable, still I hope that you enjoy listening to them.

A collection of songs, written and fronted by me in the band Cherry Veil.


I wrote this for a movie that was never produced and am still planning to produce a music video using this arrangement but not this recording.  All of the parts except for the guitar were synthesized and then recorded onto a cassette before I found the cassette (years later) and played it into the computer.  I then added the guitar but am out practice in the classical technique.  I do plan to re-record the entire song.   It's all an ongoing experiment to learn to record using the computer but, as I do love this song, I am willing ( for now) to share this poorly produced copy of it with you.  I hope you enjoy it. 

Live at KGNU

These songs were recorded live at KGNU in Boulder on December 14th of 2001.  All instrumentals.


A song: cowriten by Jeff Schnasse and myself.  Jeff plays the rhythm guitar.

Old Demos

I found a bunch of old demos.  The recording quality is pretty bad but I like some of these old solos.  It starts with a blues solo with a trio I was a member with in Idaho.  Some was with a jazz band in Denver, a funk band in Las Vegas, I lose track.  Anyway, I hope you like it. 

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