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I can't believe how much, how fast my lil rockstar is learning! Michael has an incredible way of teaching & connecting with his students - young & old, new or proficient... The price is right & he is a fabulous instructor!
- Tyra (Sebastian's mom)

Greg Ashby (lead guitar -Meade Street Heat)

Michael, you are a genius teacher/player. I believe you can help anyone advance no matter how much ability they already possess.
-Greg Ashby (lead guitar - Meade Street Heat)

Kenny Fiske (Spare The Legion)

Hey mike this is Kenneth Fiske my mom used to enroll me in lessons with you a looooong time ago. i just want to say you are the best. i want to let you see what some of your former students have been doing. I played HUGE shows in every venue in denver including red rocks and the pepsi center. i even had a rep from Epic/Sony records fly me to NYC to record a album for them. i could not have had this opportunity if it was not for you. even though my life has moved on with a wife and child of my own now i am forever great full for the things you have taught me. if you are curious i will provide you with some links for the music i have created. thank you mike.

Spare the Legion Studio Blog 1 - Pre Production

Kenny Fiske (Spare The Legion)

Mike Chodosh is the best person you could ever learn to play guitar from. He has taught me what is right and what is wrong. He will make you the musician you have always wanted to be... Kenny

( Ion/ The Crimson Red/ Spare the Legion) 

Karl E.
My kids and I have been taking guitar lessons from Michael for about 10 years. Michael strikes a perfect balance between continuously teaching you new music and guitar concepts, techniques, and theory while making a lesson and the experience truly enjoyable. As a performing musician himself, Michael is also in touch with the music industry and just about any genre, and he is always looking for ways to leverage his experiences to take his students to the next level.
- Karl E.
Jim B.
I am a student of Michael's and honestly feel that I couldn't have picked a better guitar teacher! He is very knowledgeable in all styles and techniques of guitar, he cares about every student and enjoys teaching and makes it fun to learn. He is very patient and teaches at the student's level and pace, but still will challenge you to improve and try new things. Fantastic teacher all the way around!
-Jim B.

Collin E.
Amazing teacher and a very fun to be around guy. Gives you the opportunity to learn what you want to play and teaches you the importance of theory in correlation to what you're learning. Very organized lesson plans. One of my favorite things about taking lessons from Michael is the opportunity to participate in learning a new song every week with a group of other students.
- Collin E.
Claton Kurdad
My son (age 15) has been taking weekly lessons with Michael for about a year and a half, and we couldn't be more pleased. Not only is Michael an amazing guitarist, but he is also a great instructor. We have tried other instructors in the past, and no one compares to the level of skill and dedication to the students that Michael offers. My son's guitar abilities have grown tremendously, and he has had fun in the process. The combination of one on one instruction and group setting has been very
enjoyable and rewarding.
- Elizabeth P.

Ron W.
I have been taking private/group lessons from Michael for several years. He is a fine musician, songwriter and teacher and he has been instrumental in my becoming a much better guitar player than I thought possible. He mixes theory and playing in ways that make a logical progression to learning and performing. He is patient, caring and keeps his students advancing at a pace that they can maintain and advance their skills constantly.
- Ron W.

 Michael is amazing! You'll love him. He's very knowledgeable and can guide you in any direction you want to go.
 - Lynn V.
George E.
I started with Michael a few months ago and have been very happy with the progress I have been making so far. Michael is a fantastic teacher for both adults and kids and in the group lessons I see his uncanny ability to keep kids focused, on track, and motivated to play. He's got some serious budding guitarists with him. With me he's been able to zoom in on certain issues I've had over the years (I'm no beginner, been playing off an on for a long time), and is giving me the confidence to grow as a musician. He's surprised me more than a few times on the depth of his musical knowledge, and always keeps the classes fun and interesting. I know he does private lessons but I highly recommend the mix of group and private because we all learn from each other. I've suffered the doldrums with guitar over my life and Michael has definitely broken me out of them.
- George E.

I recently purchased an acoustic guitar and wanted to take lessons. The store I purchased the guitar from offered a free group lesson. This lesson is where I met Michael. After taking the lesson and watching how he handled a group of adults and children, I knew he was the instructor for me. He should a large amount of patience and a lot of encouragement for everyone. I started taking group/private lessons with him and have learned a lot in a short time. I like how he teaches the basics and has you pick a song you want to learn and includes that in your lesson. His rates are reasonable and I am loving my lessons. I would recommend him to students of any age. His encouragement has shown me that you are never to old to learn to play as long as you play from your heart!
- Laura B.

Bill S.
I started taking lessons with Michal Chodosh to learn music theory and reading music. In the time I have worked with Michael, I have learned a lot. When I began lessons, I didn't know scales or modes, knew only basic chords and wasn't able to read sheet music. In addition to that, I was barely able to follow tablature. Michael has taught me about all of those items and more. Lessons with Michael are a lot of fun. There is always great interaction between students so that newer students can learn from both Michael and from other students while becoming comfortable with learning about the guitar. Deciding to take lessons from Michael was a great decision. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play the guitar.
-Bill S.

 David F.
My introduction to Michael came when he sat in with a band I was playing with....I was so blown away by his playing, I ended up taking lessons from him.
Micheal has helped open up new frontiers in playing and theory for me without ever making me feel like a dummy for not knowing things. One of the best things about him is that his teaching style makes students feel comfortable, but also challenged.
Michael has the experience, patience, and knowledge to help everybody from beginners to working professionals learn and improve. Heck, he even taught me to sing my first legitimate vocal harmony.
Time with Michael Chodosh is time well spent!
- David F.
  Greg A.
Micheal is the best resource for any professional musician. His grasp of theory and approach to composition are phenomenal. I have never stumped him with a question, and I come up with some doozies, like "How do I approach the flat 2 chord of a G phrygian major and how does it relate to the harmonic minor scale. I think you get the point. Michael keeps me focused and has shown me many ways to keep my playing fresh and fun.
- Greg Ashby.

“Dear Mr. Chodosh,
I am Joe Mott’s little sister.  I have to say that you did an excellent job on telling how my brother proceeded from you onto Berklee.  When I read the article it made me cry, just thinking about him and all the things he accomplished was 
so. . . . INSPIRING!  I only wish that I had half the talent he has.  Joe always believed in me and what I wanted to do.  I have had a secret passion to play the drums for a while now, and Joe is the only one I ever really told and came to for help with trying to learn how to play.  Joe says, “the one thing you need to know in order to play an instrument, is how to read music.  The one thing you need to have in order to play an instrument is passion!”  Passion is something he had for music, and still has it.  He learned a lot from you.  I just wanted to tell you how I felt about your article and how I thought about Joe when I read it!
-  Jackie Mott"

From a student's younger sister.  Drawn while we were in a lesson at "Whole Life Center" in Fort Collins.  This is absolutely one of my favorite drawings. - M.C.

Thank you, Ryan. - M.C.

Hi micheal it's nicole! I was just looking at your site and I wanted to say you should take some more pictures at your new studio and post them up there. Otherwise your site looks great. You're the best guitar teacher EVER! sincerely, Nicole Sakwerda-Jeske


I don’t know whether this an article or a letter, but I just thought that maybe if I wrote something, then maybe It could help some other guitar player who has maybe given up hope.

Well I am a Ugandan who attended Michael’s guitar workshop when he came to Uganda in Africa at the Jinja cultural center

Oh boy I had never seen anyone so fast on the guitar, at first I thought that let me just check out this guy maybe to waste some time but I assure you there was no time wasted, I just felt like I was playing guitar for the first time, 
I rediscovered my potential
and now I practice at least 2 hours a day, thanks to Michael Chodosh
Sincerely Tom, from Jinja Uganda East Africa
"Hi Michael this is J.T. Hi how are you? is there anything new? my guitar class is weird we're sposed to be learning classical but all we've done is go over notes. I still havent forgoten the C-scale and I always practice it when I get a chance. I miss colorado lots Its really hot down here in arizona. well say hi to everyone for me k? thanx!"

I asked JT how his guitar classes were going, mentioning that a school class might not learn at the rate he was used to and suggested that he at least continue on 1/2 page of his method book each week too.  He replied:
"Yeah it does seem to go really slow but there are a few good things that come out of it.  I taught a little freshie "pretty woman". Okies I'll do 1/2 a page a week sound easy enough.. . ."
Finally I asked him, now that he wasn't a student here anymore if he had any comments on what it was like studying at Chodosh Guitar.  He answered:  

"I loved being at Chodosh Guitar it was awsome on a scale of one to 10 and ten is the highest I give Chodosh Guitar a 20 it rocks! I still need to tap my foot more lol  but its been a great experience and I will always remember the name Michael Chodosh as the best guitar teacher in the world!"

Thanks JT!  By the way, I told everyone in your old group that you said "Hi," and they said to say, "Hi JT". -M.C.

Hi there,

  Let me introduce myself, my name is Katie and I am a volunteer at an after school youth center. Every day we give the children an option on what they would like to learn about / do and most of the time the kids choose music. It doesn't matter if they sing songs, play instruments, or just listen to music... they love it all! I just have a musical group on my hands! Lately I've been running out of ideas so I've ben looking for somenew resouces to help me and I came across your web page... it has been so useful! We've even bookmarked your page as our top resource !

  Anyway, Christian, one of the most musically inclined kids in our group, came to me with an article that he found really helpful and exciting.

  Christian wouldn't stop begging me to email you to ask if you'd consider adding the page he discovered to your page, since we noticed its not already on there.

  I told the kids if the article was added to your page I'd bring in some ice cream to the next meeting.

  Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!! :)


"Hey Micheal,
    This is Mitchell Fyock.  I just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate EVERYTHING that you have ever taught me on bass.  Because of you, this year I started out in Jazz Band, quickly moved on to Orchestra, and eventually won the award for jazz musician of the year at my school.  I don’t know why I chose 12:48 a.m. to tell you this, especially after have been out of school since June 2nd, but I felt compelled to.  In January I am leaving for 6 months in Australia on a foreign exchange, I would join you earlier but I have an exchange student coming to live with us on July 16th so this will take up all the time from now until January.  Anyways, when I return home next July I will hopefully be coming back to you if you are still here to take some very advanced bass work.  I want to thank you for everything you have taught me because I will hopefully be receiving scholarships from that award that you helped me to achieve.  Thanks for everything, Michael. - Mitchell"

(Michell Fyock was a student and a group teacher at CHODOSH GUITAR.  He has a definite flair for funk and jazz on bass and I expect to hear a great deal about him in the future.  
Congratulations Mitchell!  I'm very excited and proud to hear about your Jazz Musician of the Year award. - M.C.)

"Hi Michael, its Joe Mott. Things have been going great at Berklee. However no matter how much you told me that the workload was going to be intense nothing you could have said could have prepared me for what was going to happen when i got here. Its insanity how much work I have to do.When i first got here we had to do a placement audition where you are rated in technical ability, reading, improv, and rhythmic interpetation. They rate you on a scale of 1-8 and i got a 4 in rhythmic interpretaion and reading and 3 in the other two categories. I was pretty discouraged but the head of the guitar department told me it was actually really good so i felt a little better about it after that.
Im really enjoying all of my classes except for ear training 1. We do alot of sight singing and conducting the solfege syllables and the conducting are not a problem for me its just matching pitch with my voice so i had to get a private tutor. I also have a harmony class which is basically music theory. . . .
. . . Tomorrow I have a test and i have to be able to write all of the major scales in under 11 minutes and each week he is going to lower the time by one minute until we can do it in 6 minutes or less. And we are doing the same with all of the minors. My writing skills class is really cool we learn about writing parts for the other instruments and this week we have been focusing on the drum set and writing parts for that. My project is to write out parts for guitar, bass, drums and keys and have it played in class. My music tech class is really neat. We are learning about MIDI and we have to record a song using the prodction software on our computers using MIDI this week. We also learn how to work the software on our computers like Garage Band, Reason, Finale, and Smart Music Studio. I also have a private lesson once a week which ironically is the same time i had my lesson with you, Tuesdays at 5. My teacher is Sheryl Bailey and she is an amazing player. We have been working on Drop 3 and 2 voicings in every key and adding walking bass lines to chord progressions. She also has had me transcribing Charlie Christian songs for guitar and i have to perform them for her. I have a guitar lab which is like a group lesson where we work on stuff from the private lesson with like 4 other people who have the same teacher. My ensemble is really cool. My director is Chris Buono and he is amazing at guitar. We have been doing mostly James Brown, John Scofield, and Muddy Waters and i think this week we are adding a Chuck Loeb song.
To keep up with my lesson and everything i would say i need to practice a minimum of 30 hours a week and then another 6-7 so i don't look like an idiot in my ensemble. I have also been working with a funk/blues band as the rhythm guitarist because the other guys are 3rd and 5th semester students so they pretty much rock my world with their ability but its cool that they thought enough of me to ask me to join. I also have been writing songs with another guy and we performed at Virgin Records last thursday. . . .
 . . . The competition out here is pretty crazy.  . . .
Otherwise i have been having the time of my life. I have been getting to do what i love 24 hours a day when back home i struggled to do it for 2 hours a day, it is really intense, you just get lost in everything you are doing. I can definitely see why there is such a high drop out rate though. You can really tell the people that are taking this seriously and the people that think they are going to be rock stars and think coming here is going to make them a rock star. I got to do something really cool on Friday, John Mayer's tour came through and he went to berklee for a while so he came and did a private question and answer session for berklee students and did a concert and it was completely free. It was really awesome. But thats all that has been going on here. I hope everything is going well there and i wish everyone the best. -  Joe"

Joe Mott
This above link goes to the story about Joe Mott.

Joe had a goal to get into Berklee and worked dilligently to achieve that dream.
Below is Joe's acceptance letter from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. 
He was also awarded a scholarship toward that end.

"MR Chodosh,
      I'm Sergeant Richard Maldonado, I'm in the US Army currently in S Korea.  Let me say first that I love your webpage, I'm pretty optimistic that I'll get the help I need from your lessons.  I bought an Ibanez the month before I got orders to come to Korea but I've never had any way to learn how to play other than pausing Social Distortions DVD and learning the Chords of off Mike Ness' hands.  I checked out other online lessons but you can't be sure that you're not practicing poorly and will end up with bad habits that can't be broken.
     Being in the Army I've been abroad more than I've been in America, but I've been spending a lot of time on your lessons section since I found your webpage, and in just a month I was able to strum between a few chords and make a melody.
     I finally have some stability here and my goal is to start another band and play some punk and rockabilly covers at local venues here. 
     Anyway man, I'd like to ask you for some guidance on what to focus on learning and really in whats a priority for learning.  I don't want to end up being the guy who only knows a hundred different riffs but can't play a single song. 
Maldonado, Richard
Sergeant  US Army"

"Hey Michael –
I just wanted to drop you a line, see how you were doing and what not.  I’m at CU Boulder now.  I’m taking some interesting classes.  I’m taking Appreciation of Music, which is really interesting.  We just finished Gregorian Chants and are in Baroque right now.  Next semester I plan to take guitar lessons through the university and music theory.  If I can get good enough I hope to apply to the music school here and major in music as well as English. 
I hope all is going well with you.  Tell Craig I said I if you get a chance.  I need to go.  Keep in touch.Later,

- Ryan Tharp"

Just wanted you to know that I really appreciated my first lesson in countless years." . . . "To go into a little more detail in why I want to take lessons and increase my abilities as guitar player, I am currently the worship leader at a small start up church in Frederick.  I had played guitar in other worship teams when I lived in California but since moving here my wife and I got involved with a small church in Frederick and the next thing I know the pastor of the church wanted me to lead worship.  Mostly I think he felt I was a better guitar player than himself.  At this time I'm the only musician on the platform other than the two ladies I have singing with me.  I do all my own backing tracks from home with the help of midi and sound modules but there is so much more I could be doing with just the guitar if only I knew how to play better.  Hence the reason for coming to you.  I know nothing of you other than the flyer that I picked up at guitar center but your students speak volumes of your capabilities in teaching.  I have always held to the idea that the student is a direct reflection of the teacher.  After being there for the one lesson and witnessing the abilities and talents of your other students,  I would be honored to be a student yours.
Thank You Michael - Bill Haggard"

"Hey I want to say thanks for being an awsome teacher.
I pick up my guitar and cant stop playing (yes some of it is practice)
Oh  I was wondering if there was and web sight where you can type in guitar notes and chords and make a song and see how it sounds?By the way when can i start chords? Well i gtg play my guitar
 Later- Kyle Augustin"

"Hi Michael,
After plugging in 'Guitarmageddon' into my Yahoo search engine, I was very pleased  to come across your site! Guitarmageddon  Thank you so much for supporting our event and supporting your students participation in Guitarmageddon.  
Now for 2003! Sign ups will begin January 2 and store level competitions will begin Tuesday February 18.  We are solidifying prizing and sponsors, right now. But this year's competitions should be fantastic. Greater prizes, cooler venues and a great Grand Finals destination!  If there is anything that I can do for you and your students   to help them prepare for next year's battles, please do not hesitate to ask! 
. . . We    will be using the LINE 6 Guitar Port backing tracks again for 2003. Also,  we have secured more tracks from which to choose from. . . . 
All the best,
-Andy Winston
Nation Promotions
Guitar Center Stores Inc."

Thanks for your infinite patience in teaching me the guitar - your great and I'm having a ball. My wife says that there are actually some good sounds coming out every once in a while. - Dave Siems"

"The article by Jack Riemer on Itzhak Perlman playing a concert with only 3
strings (Itzhah) was a wonderful review - to the point, concise, simply written  but from the heart. Thank you. - Don Lechman"

(after we answered a question via email) 
"hey thanks man. that hopo thingy really worked.  Also i went to the cyberfret website ( and noticed you were there too with the appregios. those are cool too. - Brian"

I happened upon your site via the Jason Newstead/Mike Lansing conspiracy link (Coincidence) . I found your site and your enthusiasm for helping students achieve their musical goals inspiring.  
I used to play in High School . . .  Thank you for your time and congratulations on your wonderful school/studio. - Margie Owen"

"Dear Michael,
Thank you for doing such a phenomenal job teaching Kris guitar.  He really enjoys it and tells me his goal is to be a 'really good guitar player.' . . . - Carolyn" Meehan

"Thanks Mike.  
I realize you must be very busy and to take the time to help me tells me something about your character.
My father is a lifetime musician and my grandfather started the first music store in (censored town) so I have been around music for my entire life . . .  Thank you again. - Tony Giancola"

"You missed Ricky Nelson on your died by plane crash list. (March) - Leslie Stephens"  
(We requested suggestions and have ammended the page.  Thanks Leslie for sending one in.)

"Nice Web site. - Chuck Koelle"

"Was browsing last night and found your site through a link on  Since I am a BRAND SPANKING NEW guitarist, I was happy to see the nice selection of lessons.  I will definitely use the Gymnastics for Guitar immediately. 
I just wanted to give you some ideas for your 12  Months on the What's new board.  How about 'Crooners and Divas' and 'Great Licks'.  Also, what is the difference between 'Strange' and 'Strange Life'?
Thanks for the resource, - Dan Halberg"
(We requested suggestions and thank Dan for sending one in.)

 . . . thank you so much for giving my dad such encouragement. - Kristen Schairer" (regarding her father David who is a student at Chodosh Guitar.)

"Dear M, Chodosh
               To answer your first question, yes I've just bought  a new guitar and it's a Cort.  I really like it. 100% jazz.
And for the other questions, I am from Québec and I've been playing guitar for one year. I've won a few contests and I think I'm doing fine with my guitar.  I love jazz, that is what I want to play and I would like to be the best. My favorite guitarist is Django Reinharts. I am the  only musician of the family and I think that the only way to play good guitar is to play your style." . . . 
"Say Hi to all of your students and always remember that practicing is the
only key to success. - Daniel Valois "

"Aaron is really improving . . . he really loves playing.  He has numerous books and has learned quite a few riffs from Van Halen to Led Zeppelin.  I'm really impressed.  You have done a great job with him . . .  - Dana Isoline"

" I have been taking lessons with Michael Chodosh for a little while.  I like the way he has been teaching me and I hope to keep taking lessons with him, because he makes it fun and I have learned a lot in this short time."  - Carlos Garcia.
"Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like a water pic.  I would also like a kid's size guitar.  I woud also love to have a kid's not guitar book.  I would also like a lap top.  I would also love good exciting books and a doll house.  I also wanted some play clothes and play shoes. 
Would you get my dad a Michael Chodosh CD and some perfume for my mom.
Talyor A."

"Your site is full of interesting information and looks like a lot of fun. - Todd Thalimer"

"I love being on your email list . . .  - Andrew Johnston"

Alex Vargas

"Michael Chodosh's abilities as a teacher can only be matched by his masterful skills as a guitarist.  He alters his teaching method according to the needs of each individual student and with him there are no boundaries.
Plus he can play black metal, and to me that's a great thing. - Alex Vargas"
 "I  liked the new page of tabs you put on your web site. - Carlos Garcia"

Curt Bennington

" . . .as a parent of one of Michael's students I want to say he has given my son a chance to discover a world that he could not live without these days and that is the world of music. Craig also has discovered a friendship with which he will surely never let go. Being a part of Chodosh Guitar has given him a direction in life which has helped with his school work and finding many friends .  Craig always looks forward to being at Chodosh Guitar and assisting Michael with his students  keep up the good work and good luck to all the students in guitarmageedon.  - Curt Bennington"

"unfortunately, many once punk bands, or bands that call themselves punk, have turned into "pop punk", which seems entirely contradictory to me. you're right about that. however, i think if you look deep into the punk scene, 
underground too, you'll find an entirely new culture of punk. not just punk redefined, but old school punk too, the real stuff that started everything. punk will never die, at least not in this generation. disco is a different story. it most likely died due to a combination of lack of interest and the growing popularity of rock and roll. from what i see when i go to punk shows, the people really into the scene (and there are many) know what real punk is all about. when asked what a punk band is, they'll answer with increasing sadness 'old blink 182'. it's not only the music they listen to, but their way of life-the way they dress, the focus of who they are. for the most part. it is sad though, that there has been a decline in good punk. so, here we
are, trying to start a new punk revolution. the definition it had in the 70's and 80's is gone, but only because that was the beginning, and all things change. there are bands though, and not just a few, who base their music on pure adrenaline rushing punk and because of them the scene will never die.  - anonymous"
(Regarding Paul Gill's article, "Punk To Have The Fate of Disco?")

" . . . I want my pin too! . . .  Great Going Louisa!"

- Richard Pearce (Regarding the "Our First GP3" feature)

"Michael,  Congratulations on the most innovative cyber-tech guitar work on the web...I am very inspired by what you do & how well you are doing it!!! (of course now I will have to get my guitar out to try the hy-peggio)...take care & continued success . . . "- Cathie Quigley, Director World Hope Foundation

Rick Virine

"IPDP Rules!!  - Rick Virine"

Devin Connolly

"two of your students won??!?" - Devin Connolly
(Regarding the Guitarmageddon winners in 2001)

"Congratulations to not only your students, but to you as well.  I have always believed you to be a great instructor and a terrific person.
- John M. Padilla"

(Responce regarding the Guitarmageddon winners)

"Your website is soooooooooo cool!  I love it!  I haven't finished reading it all, but what I have read, it's amazing! - Laura Kruegel"

Dan Houghton
"I have been with Michael for almost one year now and I have learned a lot over one year, and he will teach the music you want to learn, and if you don't get something he will explain it to you so you understand. -  Dan Houghton"

Paula Curl
"I first became connected with Chodosh Guitar in May of 2000. Since then I've watched it grow, and observed how hard Michael works to make it a fun and exciting learning experience for his students. That big bald guy really knows his stuff! Actually though, I'm still just holding out for the dog. - Paula Curl" 

Minda Morris
"Michael is always so patient with me when I don't understand something and I love how he has me play something that he knows I want to play and something I need to play, that way it's still really fun! - Minda Morris"

Jared Youngclaus

"Michael has one of the best teaching styles that I have seen, the lessons
are fun and he is an all around good guy.  - Jared Youngclaus"


Mark Carstairs

"Even though I didn't enter anything in the contest I think I should still win something.  -  Mark Carstairs"

(If you know Mark you understand that he's kidding - M.C.)

"Choosing Michael is a wise choice because he makes learning guitar fun and even though it's not always easy he helps your through it." - Justin Shellhorn. 

Please send us your comments or questions. - Michael Chodosh

Achieve that dream!

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