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First GP3



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March is:  

  "Died by Plane Crash"

(or helicopter)

and All Naturals Month

The relative keys for March are: C major and A minor.  Both use no sharps and no flats.  A harmonic minor raises G to G# and A jazz melodic minor raises G to G# and raises F to F#.  Study these keys and pick at least one song from a group or performer in the "Died by Plane Crash" list.

May we suggest?

Learn a song from one of these groups but pick one that you would normally not pick for a study song.  Why pick from a group that you wouldn't normally pick?  Because, it will help your style by adding something to your playing that both you and your teacher would probably not have considered.  This is an exercise that will truly enhance your style.  It isn't easy taking a sound that you don't really like and making it into a part of your repertoire but it really pays off!  All of the CGP group members do this at least once a month.  I've seen some great results from it so, get started now and good luck!

Died By Plane Crash List:

 as suggested by students and friends of Chodosh Guitar

Buddy Holly

Jim Croce

John Denver

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Lynard Skynard

Ritchie Valance

The Big Bopper


Patsy Cline


Marcel Dadi (French guitarist)

Ricky Nelson


Send    us the name





missed       and  




of the band



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Any Suggestions?


  - Michael Chodosh

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