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12  Months

Joe Mott is accepted into and receives a scholarship at Berklee College of Music

      (click above to hear Joe's jazz Demo)

Joe after winning that week's Guitarmageddon  contest at Guitar Center in Arvada, CO.

Joe Mott, as many of you know has left CHODOSH GUITAR in order to go on to college.  When Joe first came here as a student he studied hard and quickly discovered a deep love for jazz.  He excelled in his studies and after becoming a group teacher he soon proved to be very good at teaching private lessons on a weekly basis.  When Joe applied to Berklee they accepted him, which didn't  

(click above to hear Joe's classical  demo)

surprise me at all.  He then expressed his desire to win a scholarship and showed diligent efforts  at attempting to do so.  
We read the requirements and I sent in a letter of recommendation.  He'd already studied everything they asked for, as we had planned for his entrance exam, but now he needed to make a good recording of a jazz and a classical song to apply for his scholarship.  After picking out "Night and Day" from a selection of Joe Pass 

transcriptions and Bach's Bouree in E minor, I set up the computer in my office to record and told him to get busy.
  It was probably for about three weeks and six days a week that Joe was here recording his demos.  Mind you, we're only open five days a week!  In any event, you can hear the recording by clicking on the two pictures with the green frames around them.  Pretty good, huh?  It was shortly after this that Joe won one of the weekly contests for Guitarmageddon at the Guitar Center Store on Sheridan Blvd. in Arvada, Colorado.  Quite a year!
Congratulations Joe!  
We are very impressed with your achievements and I am particularly delighted with the  wonderful example that you have set for your fellow students and as a teacher at Chodosh Guitar. -
Michael Chodosh

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