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Josh Robertson meets Les Claypool, "a strange and wondrous man".

Les Claypool about to sign Josh's bass

Okay, let's make this really clear.  Chodosh Guitar is not in any way calling Les Claypool "strange".  Of course, I'm not saying that he isn't wondrous, just that it's Josh Robertson's story and he tells it in his own style.  But please remember this, Josh maintains that Les is one of the greatest and Chodosh Guitar has absolutely no problem agreeing with that.  

Thanks Les for signing Josh's bass at your book signing and thanks Josh for pursuing your dreams and sharing them with us.

So let's take a look at the story, the way that Josh tells it.   

"Ahoy there!

Many, many moons I have waited to meet this strange and wondrous man. After all of the struggles and all of the tears this dream became a reality. 

It was an uncharacteristically warm November 21st. My very pregnant wife, friend Brian and I all met at the Tattered Cover bookstore by Union Station in Denver to go to a book signing. Les Claypool published 

Josh Robertson and his signed bass

his first book recently called “South of the Pumphouse” and he decided to promote it by doing some public readings and signings while touring with his longtime band Primus. I got to see my hero up-close in a small events room and listen to him read some passages from this very Hunter S. Thomas-ish book. After some Q & A Les signed my book and also signed my weathered Washburn bass. It was a dream come true time moment....

Anyway, he pushed my bass back to me and asked me if I would want to play the triangle in his band. I replied, "no sir, I must get back to Chodosh Guitar so that I can learn to play my bass better than you." He wept and we went our separate ways. Now, I Joshua Robertson, leave you all with this portrait of two men, one love and and one signed Washburn bass guitar. Keep on with that C-scale. Groovy."

Thanks Josh.  We appreciate having you and all your style as a student at Chodosh Guitar. - M.C.

Achieve that dream!
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