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Dan Houghton Meets Mike Ness at the Ogden Theatre 

Dan Houghton & Mike Ness 

This summer (2002) our own Dan Houghton met with his long time idol at the Ogden Theatre in Denver.  Before I share with you what I found out about Mike Ness, I'd like to tell you a bit about Dan Houghton.
Dan walked into Chodosh Guitar  wearing a completely black outfit including a heavy corduroy shirt that must have weighed quite a bit in the summer heat. I thought he wore it for luck but soon realized that it was part of a statement that Dan was making about who he was. For a lot of us, 

Dan accepting his GP1 Pin

playing guitar is more than a hobby.  So, I quickly identified with what Dan was doing.  Usually, however, this sort of thing changes as the student gets older.  The interest varies from one style to another or even moves into another area like sports, acting or debating.  With Dan things did change.  His hair got pretty wild, his clothing changed a bit (to all our amazement he got rid of the jacket), his 
interests in music changed from Punk to Rockabilly and back and I don't think (or hope) that his way of expressing himself  will ever  stop changing. One thing, however,  has never changed for him.  He has always admired the punk artist,

Mike Ness. Dan followed the man's music and his growth both personally and professionally while maintaining a strong interest in his own guitar playing.  I believe that Dan has learned a lot in this way from Mike Ness.  I also believe that by staying with something this long Dan has learned a  great deal about himself.  Oddly, it may be the same lesson (although not experiences) that Mike Ness has learned and expressed about himself though his music and videos.  I am delighted to see that Dan got to meet Mike Ness and admire his persistence with his love of Punk Rock.  Keep it up Dan. 
Here is some of what I found on line about Mike Ness. You can learn more about him at the Social Distortion web site www.socialdistortion.com or view more details at BMG entertainment http://www.getmusic.com/artist/10192/1019
where you can download his music. 

(Chodosh Guitar is not connected in any way with BMG entertainment.)

Mike Ness is the front man/ singer and guitarist for Social Distortion.  He had a rough childhood and has since survived drug problems and a  destructive life style while remaining active as a punk musician.  He has had some very successful ventures and always remained an icon in the view of the punk music fan.  Now sober, his message seems to reflect his victory over his addictions as he has expressed in his performances on stage, and on CD.

Mike Ness

 I  hear quite a few personal reports about stars from people who have met them and am often disappointed in the attitude or actions of the stars themselves as portrayed to me by the fan who worked so hard at meeting someone with just the hope of  expressing  their admiration.  This has never been the case with Mike Ness.  I understand from several people I know who have met him that he appreciates his fans and is a "really down to earth kind of guy".  I can't think of a better compliment to someone who is admired by so many musicians and students of music - M.C.

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