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12  Months Winner!    

We Have a Winner!

We had a contest.  And as I promised . . .the winner gets . . . nothing. but (as I promised) everyone gets to see who came up with the winning idea! 

This was the question. 

For many years the words: 

Have been used to name the lines used on the treble or "G" clef.  Can you come up with something better? 
E           G        B          D       

Here were some of the answers:

Elvis' Guitar Broke Down Friday

Every Good Band Does Fine

Every Good Bird Does Fly

and (my personal favorite) 
Elvis' Guitar Baked Delicious Fritters
- Kaitlyn Smith's Contribution.


There were more including a few from some of my family members which I wouldn't dare show you!

It is with complete prejudice for the guitar that I declare the following entry to be the winner.  No offence if you play an other instrument but . . . .

the winning entry is . . .

"Each Guitar Brings Days of Fun "

as entered by John Clark who is currently a student at Chodosh Guitar

Congratulations John! 

Yes we were extremely prejudiced by the fact that you included the word "guitar" in your answer and by the fact that it promotes playing what we teach.  

And, why shouldn't we be?  We are (after all) Chodosh Guitar.  

The panel consisted of  myself (Michael Chodosh) and two other students who just happened to be at Chodosh Guitar when I was making the decision.  That's as official as it gets but I think we made a good choice.

John Clark

Achieve that dream!
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