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12  Months Winner!

Our First Guitar Pin # 3

Louisa Wai

  • She loves Japanese bands that play songs named in English to Chinese audiences. (I didn't make that up!)  
  • She's a talented artist.
  • She's the first student to tackle the GP3 requirements.
  • She's leaving Chodosh Guitar.   

Louisa.jpg (18847 bytes)


It was not long after becoming a student at Chodosh Guitar that Louisa earned her Chodosh Guitar Pin # 1.  Almost immediately after that she went on to get  her GP # 2

GP1LouisaWai.jpg (45435 bytes)

Last month she sent us a picture that she made in art class which inspired a feature article at Chodosh Guitar.

She says that she'll be back.  In fact Louisa is only leaving for a few months to visit her native country, China.  Typically a student who takes a sabbatical doesn't return to their guitar lessons.  But, there has never been anything typical about Louisa Wai.

Congratulations Louisa on being the first student to receive the CGP # 3!  

You worked hard to earn it.  

Have a great time in China.  We look forward to seeing you when you get home.

Achieve that dream!
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