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Guitarmageddon 2002

Most of you already know that the national store, Guitar Center has a contest every year (this year in March) called GuitarMageddon.  Last year each store let local guitar players enter to perform a three minute solo before a panel of three judges.  The judges rate the performers on seven different areas of skill including: musical composition, originality, technique, dynamics, continuity, stage presence and audience response.  Yes, there is an audience there to watch the brave get shot down and the lucky ones go on to the next level. It's seriously nerve wracking and considered to be pretty brutal among guitar players!  This year there is a difference.  Guitar Center has issued a CD with recordings from some of the best artists out there to back up the soloists on stage.  Now, instead of creating your own solo with no boundaries except for the three minute time restriction, you have to solo over one of the tracks on the CD which is now up to about three and a half minutes.  I was surprised to see that most of the players I've talked to believed that this made it harder to do and (they believe) that it would eliminate most of the potential entries.  I don't know.  But I do know that Guitar Center is keeping it interesting, once again. 

The twelve tracks include some pretty heavy rock or metal sounds, some blues, some funky sounds, jazz and even country.  All of it is excellently produced.

Guitarmaggedon will take place each Tuesday in March, starting at 7:00 PM.  If it's like last year there will be two winners picked each week and all of the eight winners from March will do battle on the first Tuesday in April.  The winners (two again) from that will go to Texas to compete against the other winners from each store in this region and then off to Seattle to play the semi finals.  The two winners from there will go to Hawaii and the winner from that wins a special edition Mustang GT (Ford) and a special edition Stratocaster (Fender).  Why not a special edition Mustang (Fender) to go with the Ford? . . . I don't know but then I'm just a guitar teacher although I do drive a Mustang GT and I do play a Stratocaster so at least I can agree that they are both a lot of fun!

In any event, I have six students entering this year.  They are:

  • Craig Bennington, 

GM02Craig.jpg (33357 bytes)

  • Ray Homeburg

GM02RayHomeburg.jpg (94309 bytes)

  • Jared Youngclaus

GM02JaradYoungclause.jpg (34117 bytes)

who are entered on March 19th at the Guitar Center at 8601 Sheridan Blvd in Arvada, Colorado


  • Antonio Maldonado

GM02AntonioMaldonado.jpg (93166 bytes)

who is entered on March 26th at the Guitar Center on Colorado Blvd in Denver, Colorado and


  • Melisa Osterman

GM02MelissaOsterman-.jpg (27670 bytes)

  • Alex Vargas

GM02AlexVargas2.jpg (95093 bytes)

who are entered on March 26th at the Guitar center at 8601 Sheridan Blvd inn Arvada, Colorado.  


I am particularly proud of these students as they deserve our respect for preparing for and entering into this very demanding contest.  I plan on being at the Guitar Center in Arvada to help support them personally at this event.  

Can you make it?  Last year we had a lot of fun watching the players do their best.  If you can make it to the Guitar Center at one of the dates and places mentioned above we can support our students by cheering them on together.  Think about what that would mean to them.  It wont help them win but it will be a lot more fun for everyone knowing that they were a part of a community of people who support this type of achievement.  I will look forward to seeing you there! 

To the six students: By working out a solo and signing up for this event you have already achieved more than most people will ever attempt to on the guitar.  Good luck to you all!  - Michael Chodosh

One student made it to the store finals. To see this follow the link below

On To The Finals

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