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Chodosh Guitar honors our oldest student and a good friend -


Chad Smith



O.K.  He doesn't look very old but the books don't lie.  Chad Smith is Chodosh Guitar's oldest student.  

From the right: 
Chad Smith, Michael Chodosh, & Seiko The Dog.


"How old is he?" you ask.  Well, he's so old that when Chad was born the one dollar bill still showed Washington's picture from before he cut down the cherry tree!

No, that's not true.  

In fact, Chad is still a very young person as you can see by the recently taken photograph.  But he is our oldest student of record, that is; he has been here longer than anyone else and it seems that it is time to honor him.

Craig, who most of you know is my assistant, mentioned to me the other day that a few of the groups have had a great deal of turnover lately.  This is the way this happens but he was pointing out that a record number of the newer students have reached second position in the scale classes.  I checked the records and verified that he was correct which really delights me and then I noticed . . . there was Chad, still showing up each week after all this time.  I double checked.  There was no doubt about it.  This guy's been here longer than anyone else and he's been showing up as consistently  as the Saturday that he's booked on!

Chad became one of my first students almost immediately after I arrived in Colorado at the music store where I worked before starting Chodosh Guitar.  When I announced that I would be leaving that store to start Chodosh Guitar his parents asked if he could stay on with me.  I checked with the manager who expressed that  there would be no problem if I kept Chad as a student.  Since then he has been the only student to stay with Chodosh Guitar this long!  In fact there were a few weeks when he might have been the only student I had!

We've come a long way together since then , Chad.  And we are thrilled to see that you are still here as Chodosh Guitar's oldest student.  Congratulations!

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