About Michael Chodosh

My Background


My father was a sucesfull broadway  musical composer so I was raised around musicians.  I  studied guitar performance and "arranging and composition" at Berklee College of Music.  Until 1998 I was a full time road musician with; show, top-40/pop, variety, rock, folk, country, funk, blues, wedding/convention, impersonator and other style bands as lead guitar player and sometimes as music director.  It has, as well,  been my pleasure to work with many original projects.

Sharing my Passion


I love working with music and I love teaching what I've learned.

My Classes


I have many wonderful students taking private sessions.  Most of them attend full hours which I discount for prepaying.

I teach guitar playing techniques, music theory, recording, better life and some business practices. 

I also have a few group students.  They study that portion of students' weekly assignments which they all share, called the Group Class.  Sometimes it's just a scale but most often it's a song.